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dieHerkunftei* offers Genealogical Research for Descendants of Emigrants from the old Country and helps finding their Roots or their living Relatives

As a Qualified Genealogist (IfG) I have found many of my own ancestor’s brothers and sisters over the years emigrating to the United States, to Brazil or to the southeastern parts of Europe as there are the Banat or the Sudentenland. Their “mobility” is still astounding and shows us today that there was a need for migration already centuries ago. It is a thrilling task to find them and to inquire their family history down to the present. And the highlight in this adventurous search is always the finding of living relatives descending from those emigrated.

Are You (as well) tracing Your immigrant ancestors to the Americas or other parts of the world back to old Germany? And do You need local assistance to make progress in researching your family history? Are You looking for somebody – IN GERMANY – who does expert research for descendants of emigrants from Germany? Here we are!

German ancestry research office dieHerkunftei*  is looking forward to supporting Your investigative efforts!

No matter whether You are looking for Your immigrant ancestor’s documented data, the places they came from or the family members who still live, dieHerkunftei* can assist in Your endeavour to find out – at reasonable rates.
Here is what kind of research we offer for genealogists:

  • Tracing data of the emigrant’s families in Archives and Parish registers
  • Taking pictures (/finding old photographs) from the houses and places Your ancestors lived before they left home
  • Finding living members of the family who still live in Germany (and making connections if desired)
  • Providing You with (if existing) German / European One-Place Studies, Family History Books and/or Local History Books focused on the population of the village or community Your ancestors come from.
Let dieHerkunftei* do Your Deutsche Heritage Detective Works

With decades of experience, I am confident that I can support your efforts to reveal the roots of your family history, especially in south-west-Germany and adjacent (French) Lorraine or Luxembourg, but in the rest of Germany or even Europe as well.

Don’t hesitate to ask (with as many facts as You have already collected)!


I will send You my suitable offer right back (after some time to research the possibilities). A charge – at reasonable rates – is only due upon results or for previously contracted labor time.

Looking forward to read Your e-mail soon!

Klaus P. Graf | dieHerkunftei

* To explain the name: I’ve named my company “die Herkunftei” which is a combination of words  of “Herkunft” (= origin or provenience) and “Detektei” (= private detective agency).

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